Haunted Hotel Bucket List

My daughter has been starting to check off items on her bucket list. As she says it is not for the dying; you can do it anytime. I belong to a group called The Adventurous Babes Society. The group was going to spend the night in a Haunted Hotel in Wilson, KS. I ask Jen if she wanted to join me. She was all excited.

So on a Saturday we drove to Wilson, KS. It is a very small town between Wichita and Hays, KS. They have a hotel called the Midland Railroad Hotel.

Midland RailRoad Hotel

Beautiful Stair well

Stained glass windows


You can read the history of the hotel at: Google: http://www.midlandrailroadhotel.com

We arrived at Wilson on Saturday by 3 PM. Jennifer couldn’t believe how tiny the town was. We drove around for all of 10 minutes and that was the town; she thanked me for not having raised her in such a tiny town. I found the buildings to have been beautiful at one time. There was a building built in 1889 in midtown. So that was 10 years before the hotel was built.

2015-06-27 14.54.46

The other investigators were in the car behind the SUV.
2015-06-27 14.58.00-1

Everyday-Legacy PARANORMAL Investigators

Above is the Hotel as we found it; below that is the side of the car of the Paranormal investigators that would be with us through the night. The town had a beautiful church and a Czech painted egg, the railroad ran through the middle where the old Sunflower Coal plant had been. Yes, I heard the train coming through town a couple of times in the night.

2015-06-27 14.49.31-1

2015-06-27 14.51.52

2015-06-27 14.52.49-1

Of course we found the little store and the liquor store for snacks and drinks before we started doing anything.

We got checked into our room. The whole place was beautiful inside. It was all done in Mission furniture.

2015-06-27 15.06.47


This photo hung in our room; it fascinated me as I used to work for the phone company and we used cord boards like this. Below the first two photos are of our room.

2015-06-27 15.02.34

2015-06-27 15.03.12


Below is the original safe from the hotel. Below that is a baby stroller that was in the common area.

2015-06-27 15.46.29


2015-06-27 15.49.04

Our room was in the new wing that was added after the third floor burnt in 1902 taking 24 lives. They restored it and then added on the newer section. There was a little girl in one of the rooms on the third floor; she has been seen wearing a white dress and looks out the window in the back. There was also a sheriff in room 305 that was found hanged. The stories are mixed up as to the real reason he was hanged. Something happened with his son; and either the towns people hung him or he hanged himself out of sorrow for his son.

Talking to the staff, all of them have experienced things at one time or another. Beds having just been made and when they came out of the bath; the bed was turned down. Items moved and unexplained noises.

2015-06-27 20.59.30

Before our investigation began we gathered outside, this was not everyone. We started at sun down and had lights out shortly after that. We all had dinner downstairs in the “Sample Room” which was where retailers could come through and set up shop for people to see their goods. They have left the name the same. At our appointed time we all went upstairs to the third floor.

First we went into the room the little girl is reported to stay in. They had their monitors all set up and the infra-red cameras set up all over the hotel to map any sounds or movements that were not human. Once the lights went out everyone got every quiet and the “hunt” was on.

Now, I am not going to say I believe the monitor’s or equipment; all I know is what I seen, heard, smelled and felt. I for one am a very sensitive person to the supernatural; having had my own NDE  and encounters with other spirit beings. I was not afraid or worried. However, Jennifer was FREAKED OUT.

I heard the investigators talking to the “spirits” and trying for communication from them. I myself did not see anything. However, it was so hot in the room where everyone was I was standing in the hall way. All of a sudden I smelled a very strong odor of sulfur. One of the investigators was down the hall a bit and I ask him if he smelled it. He said he did and wasn’t it strange that we were on the floor that had burned down. By this time the girls in the bedroom were starting to smell it also.

I was one of the last people to come up to the third floor because I have a lot of trouble with my knees so I straggled behind. No one shut the door to the floor as we went in. Later I was so hot I was going to go sit on the stairs and the door was closed. I went back and ask on the team if they had closed it. They said no and tried, unsuccessfully to get someone to close it again. Nope. Yet, later when I was back around the corner I heard it slam shut again. No one had passed me and they radioed to see if anyone had come up the stairs and no one had.

After everyone had left the little girls room and went downstairs the investigator, my daughter and a lady named Trish were still in the little girls room. They started around the corner to leave and left a teddy bear in the center of the bed. They then left. I was sitting down the stairs a ways and could hear them talking to the little girls. It seemed she had followed them around the hall. The lady was talking to her and after a while she ask her if she could sing a little song. Jennifer said she heard a tiny voice start singing “Ring around the rosy”. And the miter lite up to 5.0 the highest it had been all night. (Jennifer said she wanted to talk to her but was afraid she would follow her home!).

Another investigator (sorry I don’t remember your names) came down the hall from the other way (my friend had been standing in the hall outside the little girls room this whole time, it was so dark you couldn’t see anything), the guy shined his flash light in the room and the teddy bear was face down in front of the door.   Hum did the little girl pick it up and drop it when she followed the three out of the room?

They called the other floors and no one was having much luck finding anything. It seems we seen more action than the other floors. We all went downstairs to go out and across to another building and then to the old jail.  Jennifer said the investigator was trying to get the little girl to follow them down when Trish told the little girl she needed to stay in the hotel; she would be safer there. They had no more readings after that.

We went to a deserted dentist office which to me was just old, dusty and nasty – didn’t feel a thing there. Then we went to the jail – that would not have been a place I would have wanted to have been locked up. Here are photos:

2015-06-27 22.55.12

2015-06-27 22.57.22

Here you can see the key hanging on the door and the “newer” toilet.

2015-06-27 22.57.30

Here is the ball and chains they would be tied up with.

2015-07-26 18.11.39

The outside of the jail.

Okay that was our experience. Hey, I didn’t have a problem with any of it. The sulfur smell was strange, the door shutting, the bear being moved. There could have been reasons for all of them with so many people in the house.

HOWEVER, my daughter was still FREAKED out of her mind over the little girl. Now I did not hear that. When we went to bed she ask if I could leave the bathroom light on. Sure not a problem, there were slates in the door so it was dark enough to sleep. I slept like a baby other than being cold and could get the covers comfortable.

Jennifer on the other hand had wanted me to leave ALL the lights on; she didn’t sleep a wink all night. Between 3:00 and 3:30 (the witching hour) she just knew something was going to show its face through the window above our door or worse come inside.

I am not laughing at her (yes I am) but she no longer has any desire to go to a haunted hotel, house or anywhere.

Okay that one is checked off the bucket list…… Love you babe!



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