Haunted Hotel Bucket List

My daughter has been starting to check off items on her bucket list. As she says it is not for the dying; you can do it anytime. I belong to a group called The Adventurous Babes Society. The group was going to spend the night in a Haunted Hotel in Wilson, KS. I ask Jen if she wanted to join me. She was all excited.

So on a Saturday we drove to Wilson, KS. It is a very small town between Wichita and Hays, KS. They have a hotel called the Midland Railroad Hotel.

Midland RailRoad Hotel

Beautiful Stair well

Stained glass windows


You can read the history of the hotel at: Google: http://www.midlandrailroadhotel.com

We arrived at Wilson on Saturday by 3 PM. Jennifer couldn’t believe how tiny the town was. We drove around for all of 10 minutes and that was the town; she thanked me for not having raised her in such a tiny town. I found the buildings to have been beautiful at one time. There was a building built in 1889 in midtown. So that was 10 years before the hotel was built.

2015-06-27 14.54.46

The other investigators were in the car behind the SUV.
2015-06-27 14.58.00-1

Everyday-Legacy PARANORMAL Investigators

Above is the Hotel as we found it; below that is the side of the car of the Paranormal investigators that would be with us through the night. The town had a beautiful church and a Czech painted egg, the railroad ran through the middle where the old Sunflower Coal plant had been. Yes, I heard the train coming through town a couple of times in the night.

2015-06-27 14.49.31-1

2015-06-27 14.51.52

2015-06-27 14.52.49-1

Of course we found the little store and the liquor store for snacks and drinks before we started doing anything.

We got checked into our room. The whole place was beautiful inside. It was all done in Mission furniture.

2015-06-27 15.06.47


This photo hung in our room; it fascinated me as I used to work for the phone company and we used cord boards like this. Below the first two photos are of our room.

2015-06-27 15.02.34

2015-06-27 15.03.12


Below is the original safe from the hotel. Below that is a baby stroller that was in the common area.

2015-06-27 15.46.29


2015-06-27 15.49.04

Our room was in the new wing that was added after the third floor burnt in 1902 taking 24 lives. They restored it and then added on the newer section. There was a little girl in one of the rooms on the third floor; she has been seen wearing a white dress and looks out the window in the back. There was also a sheriff in room 305 that was found hanged. The stories are mixed up as to the real reason he was hanged. Something happened with his son; and either the towns people hung him or he hanged himself out of sorrow for his son.

Talking to the staff, all of them have experienced things at one time or another. Beds having just been made and when they came out of the bath; the bed was turned down. Items moved and unexplained noises.

2015-06-27 20.59.30

Before our investigation began we gathered outside, this was not everyone. We started at sun down and had lights out shortly after that. We all had dinner downstairs in the “Sample Room” which was where retailers could come through and set up shop for people to see their goods. They have left the name the same. At our appointed time we all went upstairs to the third floor.

First we went into the room the little girl is reported to stay in. They had their monitors all set up and the infra-red cameras set up all over the hotel to map any sounds or movements that were not human. Once the lights went out everyone got every quiet and the “hunt” was on.

Now, I am not going to say I believe the monitor’s or equipment; all I know is what I seen, heard, smelled and felt. I for one am a very sensitive person to the supernatural; having had my own NDE  and encounters with other spirit beings. I was not afraid or worried. However, Jennifer was FREAKED OUT.

I heard the investigators talking to the “spirits” and trying for communication from them. I myself did not see anything. However, it was so hot in the room where everyone was I was standing in the hall way. All of a sudden I smelled a very strong odor of sulfur. One of the investigators was down the hall a bit and I ask him if he smelled it. He said he did and wasn’t it strange that we were on the floor that had burned down. By this time the girls in the bedroom were starting to smell it also.

I was one of the last people to come up to the third floor because I have a lot of trouble with my knees so I straggled behind. No one shut the door to the floor as we went in. Later I was so hot I was going to go sit on the stairs and the door was closed. I went back and ask on the team if they had closed it. They said no and tried, unsuccessfully to get someone to close it again. Nope. Yet, later when I was back around the corner I heard it slam shut again. No one had passed me and they radioed to see if anyone had come up the stairs and no one had.

After everyone had left the little girls room and went downstairs the investigator, my daughter and a lady named Trish were still in the little girls room. They started around the corner to leave and left a teddy bear in the center of the bed. They then left. I was sitting down the stairs a ways and could hear them talking to the little girls. It seemed she had followed them around the hall. The lady was talking to her and after a while she ask her if she could sing a little song. Jennifer said she heard a tiny voice start singing “Ring around the rosy”. And the miter lite up to 5.0 the highest it had been all night. (Jennifer said she wanted to talk to her but was afraid she would follow her home!).

Another investigator (sorry I don’t remember your names) came down the hall from the other way (my friend had been standing in the hall outside the little girls room this whole time, it was so dark you couldn’t see anything), the guy shined his flash light in the room and the teddy bear was face down in front of the door.   Hum did the little girl pick it up and drop it when she followed the three out of the room?

They called the other floors and no one was having much luck finding anything. It seems we seen more action than the other floors. We all went downstairs to go out and across to another building and then to the old jail.  Jennifer said the investigator was trying to get the little girl to follow them down when Trish told the little girl she needed to stay in the hotel; she would be safer there. They had no more readings after that.

We went to a deserted dentist office which to me was just old, dusty and nasty – didn’t feel a thing there. Then we went to the jail – that would not have been a place I would have wanted to have been locked up. Here are photos:

2015-06-27 22.55.12

2015-06-27 22.57.22

Here you can see the key hanging on the door and the “newer” toilet.

2015-06-27 22.57.30

Here is the ball and chains they would be tied up with.

2015-07-26 18.11.39

The outside of the jail.

Okay that was our experience. Hey, I didn’t have a problem with any of it. The sulfur smell was strange, the door shutting, the bear being moved. There could have been reasons for all of them with so many people in the house.

HOWEVER, my daughter was still FREAKED out of her mind over the little girl. Now I did not hear that. When we went to bed she ask if I could leave the bathroom light on. Sure not a problem, there were slates in the door so it was dark enough to sleep. I slept like a baby other than being cold and could get the covers comfortable.

Jennifer on the other hand had wanted me to leave ALL the lights on; she didn’t sleep a wink all night. Between 3:00 and 3:30 (the witching hour) she just knew something was going to show its face through the window above our door or worse come inside.

I am not laughing at her (yes I am) but she no longer has any desire to go to a haunted hotel, house or anywhere.

Okay that one is checked off the bucket list…… Love you babe!



Monday again – It is a beautiful HOT day

I believe most of you can say that. It has been pretty much HOT everywhere. I feel so bad for those who have had so much rain it is flooding their homes and in some cases washing them away! Fire, Floods, Tornado’s, Lightening are causing havoc on a lot of places. I am sorry for anyone who has been through any of these disasters.

Once again = on my blog going away……. I have not renewed my Premium account so I am not sure what will happen when August 19th comes and goes. Sandyisms… is under the https://sjkeathley.wordpress.com name right now but when my membership is up I am not sure what name it will go to or if it will disappear.

If you use WordPress and have gone through this would you let me know please? 

My prayers and heart go out to the families of the Service men that were killed this weekend also. We all need to be on guard all the time for these Muslin’s who are in our Country to destroy us. It is going to get worse I am afraid. I would love to go on a rant but that is not what my blog is about so I will keep it to that. Pray people pray.

Now to my weekend story – we have taken our two dogs on two trips to KC from Wichita and they traveled very well. This weekend we went to MO to my two Aunts homes. My Aunt B had rotater-cuff surgery and was wearing the black harness one has to wear. Our dog Nicky did not like that at all. She would not go to Aunt B and would bark at her when she came near her. I felt so bad. Having not seen my Aunt P, B and Uncle D Nicky was very on guard all weekend. She did not like any of them.   Buster on the other hand just went with it. He thought they were all fine. Nicky is a very timid dog where Buster is 9 pounds of German Shepherd spirit!

2013-04-27 13.02.22

This is my Aunts picking blueberries to make pies. You can see the brace on Aunt B’s arm.

Picking Blueberries

Remember when I told you we were going to start training them to Kennel again. Hey, they are pro’s at it now. Nicky even went in when she was uncomfortable around the family. It was her safety zone. I felt bad for her and them. I guess she won’t be going back to Springfield for awhile.

Okay, I wanted to show you my backyard flowers:


Replaced Dad's mums

Lemon Grass

The bottom one is Lemon Grass – it is suppose to keep bugs off you, but not sure if it helps. I planted 3 big pots of it. It is pretty though. The flowers around the tree are the ones I replaced my dad’s mum’s with. The mum’s were getting too large and woody, so I pulled them all out. They lasted for five years and were beautiful every fall but it is nice to have color all Spring through Fall now. I can always buy the same color mum’s as his for the Fall.

2015-07-20 08.24.47

Tornado shelter

My son sent me this from Shawnee KS right outside his hangar where he works. In the mean time they had his wife in the storm shelter with everyone at her work (she is on the far right). Like they say what happens when they say there is a tornado in Kansas? Everyone runs out with their camera’s! Yep, about right.

2015-07-14 12.21.05

Peace everyone until next time!

Monday – again

I guess I really don’t have to worry too much about Monday. Being retired has it’s perks!

I had an 11:00 AM appointment with my chiropractor this morning (another fall story). I called mom (about 10) and told her I would be over after I finished; about 11:30 or 12. She was going to Wal-mart to put her prescription in. I got to Dr. Wheeler’s office early and got in and out in no time. I got to mom’s about 11:00. Mom was standing by her car…… in the heat —- what?

When I got out she explained she had opened the passenger side and set her purse in it and her car keys, locked the door and went around to the drivers side. Her door was locked – with the car keys and house keys in the car. No her phone wasn’t in there it was by where she sits because she never takes it with her…. not that it would have done any good in the car. She gets so upset with herself when she does that. I ask where her key was she put outside. She can’t remember where she put it.

She had ask a neighbor to call a Locksmith. The neighbor came over just as I drove up – so here she had been in the heat for about and hour – at age 86. I got her into her house and a/c and we waited for the Locksmith. He came pretty quickly and was able to unlock her car. I am so glad I had gone to the doctor early, no human or pet should be in this heat for an hour!  We proceeded to get something to eat and she was fine.

We took a trip to Kansas City (really Shawnee) for the Forth of July; my hubby, daughter, me and our two fur babies. They are really traveling well. Casey and Jeremy invited us and we all had a great time. Casey started a fire in the fire-pit the first night to make s’mores. Let’s just say we are glad the tree above it did not ignite. (She is one brave gal; she moved all the wood out of the pit to make sure their Garden Snake was not in the bottom. I would have said burn baby burn!)  The wood burnt pretty fast so it was all good. I had my first s’more and it was really good!

On Saturday we went to IKEA and had Swedish meatballs for lunch (they are freckin’ good!) and introduced my daughter to the wonders of IKEA. To say the least I am glad we hadn’t driven a U-Haul she may have filled it up! ha Kidding. Then that evening we went to the parking lot of Casey’s work and watched fireworks. Jeremy made hamburger and brats that evening and Casey made wonderful Strawberry/Jello/dessert with a pretzel crust. It was to die for. We had a wonderful weekend of visiting. This was the first time our daughter had seen their place.

Well, I now have 182 followers; I just can’t see who they are. But if you have not hit the FOLLOW button then do so and my blog will come direct to your inbox.

See you on the flipside – who used to say that?

Patsy’s – Skillet Enchiladas

1 lb Ground beef
1/2 C Chopped onion
1 can tomato soup (small)
1 can enchilada sauce (medium)
1/3 C. milk
2 T. Can green chilies (optional)
8 corn or flour tortillas
Cooking oil
2 1/2 C shredded cheese
1/2 C Chopped, pitted ripe olives


In 10 inch skillet, brown ground beef and onions, drain off excess fat
(Electric skillet 350 degrees – if you have one)

Stir in soup, enchilada sauce, milk and chilies.
Reduce heat to 225 degrees. Cover and cook 20 minutes. Stir occasionally.

In small 6 inch skillet heat a little cooking oil until hot, dip the tortillas in the hot oil, cook just until limp. Drain on paper towels.

Reserve 1/2 cup cheese.

Place a little amount of olives and ground beef mixture, roll up each tortilla and place in baking dish with fold side down.

Cover with foil and back at 350 degrees until heated through, (about 10 minutes).

Sprinkle the reserved cheese on top and cook until melted, about 5 minutes.

Number of Servings: 4-6

Serve with chopped tomatoes, chopped lettuce and salsa and Spanish rice if desired.

From: Ghan’s Family Cookbook

She’s Not Herself – Book Review

She's Not Herself

She’s Not Herself

By Linda Appleman Shapiro

A Psychotherapists’ Journey Into and Beyond Her Mother’s Mental Illness


Review by Sandy Keathley – just read and enjoyed although rather sad – it is true.

Having been diagnosed as clinically depressed in my 20’s I found this book to be very informative and very thankful for the new age of medication we have now to help people with this problem. My depression and anxiety is kept in check as long as I take my medications. Only recently seeing what can happen when I take myself off of them for a week.

Linda write honestly about her experiences as the daughter of an immigrant mother with mental illness…coping with the confusion of mood swings, her struggles to understand and the stress of keeping it all a secret.

As a child she is born to help her mom “feel better” but it is not the cure her mother had hoped to make her happy and her “demons” go away. Linda is the guardian of her mom from childhood to adulthood. Never really understanding what is wrong with her mom and no one tells her.

It is a compelling story of self-preservation; and  a child that has no childhood; she has to be a caretaker of her mother. An excellent read for anyone who suffers with depression or had a parent in the 1940’s or 1950’s when electric therapy was used for treatment.

Site changes

I have updated my blog so that there are MENU’s on top. You can chose what you want to read by clicking on the topic you want to read. I hope this makes it easier to chose a topic without having to read through all the blogs.

I have a family recipe book which I am going to start sharing recipes with you. I don’t have photos of the recipes but I know they are great as I have ate them growing up. Some I have not tried but I am sure they are good. God blessed my family with great cooking abilities – he just forgot to give them to me! ha

I have a lot to write since I have been quiet for so long……. those will be coming.

Beautiful Fall Weather

Sunrise in Estes Park looks like fire on the Mountain.

A photographer sent this to me on Facebook. I agree with him, it totally looks like fire on the mountain when it is really a sunrise. Such beauty can be found in the mountains at any time.

Erik Stensland Fine Art Photography is the photographer. He has a calendar for sell for 2015 of many of his shots. Go to his studio if you are interested. I can’t wait to get mine. That way I can enjoy CO all year.
What have I been up too? I have been reading. A LOT.

Karen Kingsbury

  1. The Redemption Series has five books (done)
  2. The Firstborn Series has four books (done)
  3. Sunrise Series has four books (done)
  4. Above the Line Series has four books (on the fourth book)
  5. Bailey Flanigan Series has four
  6. and the Coming Home is a stand alone

22 books all together. My husband asks me if I get a prize for finishing them. I said yes, I had the joy of ready good clean Christian books that inspired and uplifted me. They are all wonderful. I have her newest book called “Angels Walking” to read when I finish these. If you have never read her you might want to pick one up. I am sending these to my mom as I finish them.

If you are an American Idol or any of the reality shows of singers you might want to read FIFTEEN MINUTES – this is an eye-opening book to how these shows change people. What they expect of the contestants and how they lie and get rumors going even when they aren’t true. It would be a good Christmas gift from any parent who has a child that wants to go to Hollywood or any of these talent shows.

Fifteen Minutes

My Aunt is on Facebook now – she ask me the other day about what POKED meant and what it was. I really don’t think this photo would help her, do you? I told her it is just when someone didn’t write but just wants to say “Hey – I haven’t forgotten you”.


My son and his wife were here this weekend to go to a wedding in Winfield. I don’t know why they didn’t leave sooner but they got to the wedding 10 minutes late and didn’t get to go in. Coming from Shawnee KS to Winfield was a long trip but they did enjoy the reception.


They looked very nice. We had our grand dogs for the weekend also. Maybe I am getting older but I was worn out when they left Sunday. That is a lot of movement with four dogs, five adults running around. (My daughter came and went to dinner with us also.) I think they have only been home one weekend since they moved. We have yet to see their house. IKEA is five minutes from them – HELLO, I need to get up there.

My daughter-in-law LOVES to sleep – well so does my daughter, I found this t-shirt that I had to post on her Facebook page. I hope she found it funny, I wasn’t trying to be mean.

Wake up

I know HALLOWEEN is coming up. Other then the tiny kids I believe it to be the tackiest holiday here is.  I did find one photo that I thought was the BEST:
Until later! Have a safe Halloween and take the little girls note to heart. Don’t forget to turn you clock back on Saturday night so you won’t be early for church. If you like my blogs please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you think. Thanks!

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