She’s Not Herself – Book Review

She's Not Herself

She’s Not Herself

By Linda Appleman Shapiro

A Psychotherapists’ Journey Into and Beyond Her Mother’s Mental Illness


Review by Sandy Keathley – just read and enjoyed although rather sad – it is true.

Having been diagnosed as clinically depressed in my 20’s I found this book to be very informative and very thankful for the new age of medication we have now to help people with this problem. My depression and anxiety is kept in check as long as I take my medications. Only recently seeing what can happen when I take myself off of them for a week.

Linda write honestly about her experiences as the daughter of an immigrant mother with mental illness…coping with the confusion of mood swings, her struggles to understand and the stress of keeping it all a secret.

As a child she is born to help her mom “feel better” but it is not the cure her mother had hoped to make her happy and her “demons” go away. Linda is the guardian of her mom from childhood to adulthood. Never really understanding what is wrong with her mom and no one tells her.

It is a compelling story of self-preservation; and  a child that has no childhood; she has to be a caretaker of her mother. An excellent read for anyone who suffers with depression or had a parent in the 1940’s or 1950’s when electric therapy was used for treatment.

January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

I retired January 3, 2013. What I have I been doing since I retired? I read 36 books last year. I love books – I can get so involved in a book; for a time I leave all else behind. The characters in the book become part of me, I get drawn into them. I envision the city, or cabin, or where ever the story is being told. I picture what the character looks like, is wearing and even her walk. Even as a child I always had a strong imagination and wrote a few short stories.  I am sometimes sad when I am done as the characters don’t leave my mind for a bit. As I said they became a part of me and I them.

It is time for me to go through my book shelves and sale or donate some of my books. There are some I have read several times but it is time for others to enjoy them. The local library is always glad to get them. My books look brand new, I believe that someone took the time to share the story and put it on paper then I should take care of it and protect it.


Buster and Nicky

My fur babies have been spoiled by my being home all the time. Buster; the Yorkie, has a built in alarm. He can tell you right on the dot when it is 3:30, as that is when they get fed. However, since being off he seems to think that every hour on the hour after dinner he should get a snack. He doesn’t of course but he sure tries to convince me to get him one. He weights 8.2 now.

Nicky on the other hand has grown into a chubby girl, she is about 27 pounds.  It took awhile but they have finally begin to lay in their beds when I am working on the computer. It was a trial at first they wanted me upstairs. She is still the lover of attention. She wants beside you and your hand on her.


I have started cleaning up my craft room; you couldn’t really tell it by looking at it right now. I have sold a lot of stuff and have more to sale. I am now doing the Becky Higgins “Project Life” scrapbooking. It is folders with cards to write on and you put your photos in. You don’t have to decorate a thing if you don’t want too! It does have pockets for treasures that you might want to keep. Comes in several core kits, protector sheets and album colors. I might actually get some done this year! Below is one of my pages of when we were in Estes Park a couple of years ago. We were going in this past fall then they had the floods.

Project Life photo page

Project Life photo page


If you are a praying person, I would like to ask you to remember two of my friends Billie and Karen in your prayers. They both have cancer. Karen had it once before but it has came back and she is not doing will with the meds. Billie just found out and I don’t think they have planned her treatment yet. They are both wonderful Christian ladies and it is so hard to believe that my friends are getting this dreadful disease. We don’t really think we are “that” old, you think of older people getting sick like this but we are in our 60’s. Thank you in advance for your prayers.


Before I go I want to share a photo with you. It is not me but I can sure see myself in this little girl. She is adorable and that is exactly how I feel in the morning – with my coffee cup in hand.

This could so have been me! And is every morning. I just love it.

This could so have been me! And is every morning. I just love it.

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