New CT

As I wrote earlier I have decided my mom needs another CT to see what is going on. We had to suspend Hospice so she could go back on Medicare. I wrote her doctor a note and he got back to me with in one hour with an appointment for her. So I believe he too is wondering what the tumor is doing. It has been two months since we found it and not much has happened.

She goes in Monday for a blood workup and a CT w/o contrast and one with it. I don’t know if he will send us to an oncologist or if he will just get the details and let us know. She and I both would love to see the CT’s; we are a see it to believe it kind of family.

When we suspended Hospice they had to take her wheeled walker and her stool that fits in the bathtub for her to sit while showering. But Praise be to God; I called Helping Hands and they gave us a Nova Scooter for her and one of her friends had a bath stool. So she can still get around okay. She is rather weak and needs to hold on to something to walk.

We will be anxious to find out midweek what is going on.

My hubby has been busy – he fixed our sliding door so it moves more easily and fixed the lock on it. It had become very hard to get it closed so we could lock it. He also put new dead bolt and door knob on the front door and door knob on the door to the garage – all with matching keys. HEY…. Until now the only way in was through the garage door. The realtors did not have keys to our place since it was a foreclosure.

I will keep you posted.

Feb. 2016

Mom and I

My Mom and I

It has been awhile since I have blogged. My life has sort of changed; it comes to all families eventually.

I am caring for my 86 year old mom. We found out in November when she took a fall that she has intestinal cancer. It is growing into her colon on the right side. Upon her doctor’s suggestion we have put her on Hospice. She chose not to have any surgery or biopsies.

Had she chosen too she may not have made it out of surgery or she would have ended up in a retirement home on a respirator. She did not want that.

Unfortunately she has been slowed down since she broke her back in a fall in 2012. Because of this the doctor did not feel that she was physical enough to undergo the surgery needed.

I was at her house 24/7 for a while but she is now able to do most everything herself. She is not in pain; though she feels a little pain once in a while. I am glad that God is watching over her. No one wants to have someone there all the time. You feel you have lost your freedom.

Hospice gives her bath’s two times a week; the nurse comes in once a week and a social worker is there every two weeks. All making sure she is cared for.

I know the time will come when I will have to be there all the time again and I will be. My mom took care of me and I shall take care of her. She does have short term memory loss; but hey, I have some of that!

Five years ago I went through this with my dad and though I don’t look forward to seeing her suffer I will be there this time also.

They don’t classify stomach cancer like they do other cancers – Stages 1, 2 etc….. we just have to wait and see what will happen. That is concerning to Mom and I; we would like to see if the tumor is growing – if it is attaching to anything else. Hospice says they don’t worry about that. They make the patient comfortable until their time comes.

In the mean time we worry and wait.

You may lose friends, but family is forever.

2014-08-24 08.05.51

In the last two weeks I have lost both of my friends (in photo). I grew up with Barry and his family.  When Billie started coming to our church years ago I got to know her. She had a laugh that would literally put you on the floor laughing with her. They were God loving people with two wonderful sons and grandchildren. Although Billie had Stage 4 Cancer; Barry left this world about 13 days before her. They are now together again.

When you stop to think about all the friends you have had in your life – how many do you get with now? How many have turned their backs on you for whatever reason?

My husband and I have lost several friends to death. I don’t mean to view death as “forever” because I believe we will see them again when our time is up and what a REUNION that will be.

Listening to Dr. David Jeremiah on Sunday he too talked about how former friends are no longer friends because of differences in beliefs. How sad it is that if one doesn’t believe exactly like you then you can no longer be with them. We all serve the same God and he never preached to walk away except for certain reasons. The only reason I know that is biblical is if one turns their back on God and blasphemes Him. I know I have not done that.

NOW for more fun stuff!

2014-08-24 12.12.22

My only grandson just turned seventeen and has entered his Senior year! Wow, how can that possibly be? His mom took him to the KC and Vikings football game this past weekend. It didn’t matter to him which one won as he is a big fan of both. This photo makes him look like he has ear rings but he doesn’t. Must have been whatever he was standing in front of. Jennifer and he had a wonderful time in KC messing around.

2014-08-23 15.07.34

This is a photo she sent me on Facebook of them being at the California Pizza Kitchen when he was younger and then now. As any teenage boy can do he could probably eat the whole pizza by himself this time! ha

The Family of Jesus

I just finished reading The Family of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury. It would be great for a Bible Study or Book Club. It has extra studies in the back of it.

Fifteen Minutes

I JUST finished this one; Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury. If you follow American Idol, or any of the talent shows this is a wonderful book to read. It tells what goes on behind the scenes and how the show works to it’s ratings advantage. I would recommend it to anyone. Karen Kingsbury is a Christian writer so you don’t have to worry about any bad language or stuff you would rather not read.

My son and his wife are moving to Shawnee, KS on Sept. 13th. He has already been up there working for almost a month. They found a house and she has found a job – at least for now. I am excited for them, yet sad because they won’t be as close. A mom never wants her kinds to move away but they do sometimes. I imagine once my grandson goes to college his mom will leave Wichita also. Will have to wait and see.

Have a great week everyone!

It is Thursday! Throw back photos.

Since I retired I keep forgetting what day it is. I invited my kids to meet us at Cracker Barrel last night for dinner only to find out it was Wednesday! I wanted the “Turkey” dinner that is a Thursday special. I was rather disappointed. Yet, each week holds a Thursday so I will go another time.


Here is a “Thursday” throw back photo for you. Bob and I got married on a Thursday (March 13, 1969). He was in the Air Force. I was 18 and he was 20. Boy was that a long time ago! Would love to be THAT THIN again. lol

Dad and I

Here is another one of the same day with my daddy. I remember he told me; “Now sis, when we go through that door, you can either turn right and go out the front door and I will take care of everything here. Or you can turn left and get married. The decision is up to you.” I miss him so much, he was my dad, counselor, friend and the most wonderful man I have ever known. I love this photo of us.

Sandy w 1970 VW Bug

This is a photo of me at our second apartment with our 1969 “bug”. As you can notice Bob “flared” the back finders and put larger tires on the rear. After that other people started doing it also. I loved that bug. I drove it all the way to California from Kansas by myself – not knowing it would not heat up I did not use the A/C in the desert. It was one long hot ride. lol

Jeremy and Jennifer on trip to Disneyland CA

Jeremy and Jennifer on trip to Disneyland CA

This is a photo of our twins, about 8 years old when we took them to Disneyland in California. They picked out the clothes they wanted to wear. I never dressed my twins alike accept for photos. I knew they were individuals and did not want to dress them alike. Besides the fact they were boy and girl they were mirror twins. Jennifer is right handed and Jeremy is left handed. If she was cold he was hot. They look alike but are totally opposite of each other. They are now 36 and have always been best friends.


This is a photo of my sister, Caroline. She was 3 years older than I am. We were never best friends like my kids were. Yet, I miss her everyday. She left us in 2010, seven months before my dad passed.

Sandy and Claude - 1968

This is my graduation dinner photo. My date was Claude. I have no idea where he is now. I did not get to go to my high school prom but our church had a Senior Graduation Dinner for us. Love my BIG hair and gloves! Yeah 1968!

1965 Fastback Mustang

This was our 1965 Mustang Fastback. Sure which I had that car now. This photo was taken in California at my husbands parents house (Garden Grove, CA) in 1969. On the way there we stayed in AZ over night and watched the first man set foot on the moon. Will never forget that.

Bob and I with my Great Grandma Ghan and nephew Jimmie (pre twins)

Bob and I with my Great Grandma Ghan and nephew Jimmie
(pre twins)

Last one – this was before we had the twins. Bob, my Grandma Ghan, myself and my nephew Jimmie. Grandma had come to visit my mom and we took this photo in the back yard.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane with me!

What has been happening in my world

Easter has just passed; I do hope you believe that it goes on throughout the year. Because he rose from the grave for you he is here every moment of your life. Just waiting to hear from you. Please note it says: “so that everyone who BELIEVES in him will not perish but have ever lasting life”.


C.S. Lewis stated it in a different way:


My Grandson, Brenton, his girlfriend is Kaelin went to the 2014 Prom together. This was Brenton’s first Prom, so please don’t mind me if I get a little teary eyed. They both bowled together for Maize High and Kaelin is a senior this year. She is planning on going to WSU next year. Brenton will be a senior next year. Here is a photo of my grandson all grown up! (tears….) Notice he no longer has his braces? Yay! (tears starting….)


It just seems yesterday that he got his yellow, then orange belt in karate! (more tears….)


Or when he was in Cub Scouts in Edmond OK…… isn’t that about the cutest thing? (one more, about cried out for now)


Well, let’s see; I took mom to Missouri to see her sister about 3/9/2014. We had a nice time while there as always. On the way home I took a different way then I usually do and this happened:


Yep, found a round about that was new and I did stop at the yield (although I got a ticket for not doing so.) I hit the bed of a pickup truck that I seen but didn’t realize how fast he was going. Broke my heart, first wreck in my pretty car. But she looks almost as good as new now. They just didn’t spray the top of my door right. I have a diamond white special color on and the tiger striped it. We weren’t hurt so that was what was the most important thing.


I believe this may have been the cause of my accident. I was really depressed when I went to Missouri. I know it has been almost four years since I lost my dad and sister but there are times the emotion of it is more than I can handle. I was depressed the whole time I was in MO, I excused myself as being ill. I was having a little problem but it was mostly depression. Bob had seen I was getting worse but didn’t say anything. After I got home it didn’t get any better and on the same day we both decided I needed to go back to the doctor. He stated me on more pills but within a week I had the tremors so I had to stop that medication.

On March 31, 2014 we bought a power washer and Bob cleaned the deck – it turned out beautiful from the “black” that it was.


We let it dry for a few days then together we got it stained (the rails and tops) in one day. He is going to use something else on the floor of the deck as it is really bad. We found that out as we sanded the whole thing as it dried. (That was fun…) Yet the staining cramped my fingers near the end I didn’t know if I could curve them around the paint brush anymore – but we got it done.


This is just a part to show you the stain compared to the sanded part.

 On April 19, 2014 mom called and she had fallen, hurt her eye and didn’t know what to do. I went to her house then found out the rest of the story. She had fallen at Taco Shop where she had gone for dinner. A man and a nurse helped her; got her ice and the nurse continued to monitor her for a concussion. After I seen her I took a photo and sent it to her doctor and he said the same thing the nurse did; keep ice on it watch for headaches, dizziness or nausea. She never had any but really had a shiner to show for it. A bruise on her wrist and on one knee. She is going to be okay. I worry about her.


Orange Moon, Melting Snow and Being a Mom


How can anyone say there is not a God when he puts something so beautiful in the sky as he did last night. This photo was taken off my deck and shows the steeple of a church (through two houses and about two blocks away) on the left and a full moon with orange around it. The lines are power lines going through the moon. I don’t have the zoom on my camera that a lot of photographers have but I thought it done quite well.

Yesterday and today have been great in melting our snow. It is about gone accept for the piles that was shoveled up by trucks. The next week or two are going to be warm so that will help in getting the rest of it gone. Of course, living in Kansas we can’t promise no wind, it about blows you away. Below was our deck and looking at our yard on one side.



I can’t hardly wait for spring so that I can see this our my door instead:


My husband was doing a good deed and snow blowing the neighbor ladies driveway last Monday and hit some ice and fell. He is still not doing all that well. I took him to the doctor and he says it is muscle strain.


He can not get out of bed in the morning’s so last night he tried sleeping on the recliner downstairs. He about froze to death! I told him now he knows how I feel… lol  He didn’t get much sleep but didn’t have trouble getting up. It is going to take a while to heal. Especially if he gets on his exercise ball and falls on his bottom again trying to get off of it. He washed my car today – so let’s see how much pain he will be in tomorrow. Men, can’t tell them to sit down and heal. (He does our drive, two ladies in the neighborhood and my mom’s drive. Well, he only got two done this time.)


Any parent who has had teenagers and gone through all their “stuff” like cutting class, going off school grounds with a member of the opposite sex, low grades, getting cut from sports for low grades, being grounded, then REALLY being grounded knows what it is like to truly rise a child. A kid doesn’t know he is grounded until he suffers, right?

I never did this to my child and posted it on Facebook but he and his mom thought it was funny so they did. He really did tell his mom he was sorry but he is still in a lot of trouble for whatever he done. He was left home last night putting together a puzzle because he is grounded from his phone, his car and his computer and all matter of life as he knows it.


Well, then comes the joy of watching your child deal with it, with their teenager. You just shake your head and remember all the nights of worry, frustration, fear (because they ran away), or being called in the middle of the night and being told “Guess where I am? I am in a plane on my way to Atlanta, GA for a week.” Awww …. payback is so sweet…….

Kids need to remember:


Until next time…. enjoy the warm weather and pray for those that don’t have that luxury.

Prayer list, I have three friends with cancer, please remember them, thanks:

  • Katie
  • Billie
  • Karen

And for fun:


Family Christmas Cards

How is your family about getting a photo taken for Christmas cards? I am an avid photo taker and would love to have a nice family photo to put on our Christmas card. Nope – my family doesn’t agree.

I get the groans and faces whenever I even take my camera out. How am I suppose to do a Project Life or Scrapbook pages of my adult kids when they won’t allow me to take photos?

I took photo’s of their recent birthday and posted them in my blog – you would have thought I posted photo’s of them on the “throne”. (Though I did take some when they were three.) Even my Yorkie turns his head if he sees me get the camera out – that is the truth!

Family photo 10-6-12

Family photo 10-6-12

December 6, 2012 Last Family Photo
I guess at a wedding you are expected to have your photo taken. So we did, yet that was a year ago!

Family Photo 2006

Family Photo 2006

Keathley and Morris Family
I love this one as it is the last group photo we took before I lost dad in 2010.
We took a photo in 2006, may I add this is the serious one, the other they were acting goofy! lol
Although truthfully I like the goofy one as did all my co-workers.

I guess I could get all Patriotic and use this as our photo:

Last six Presidents

Last six Presidents

How ever there are a couple in there that I would remove. You think?

Of course we could always use the fur babies on our card:
2013-04-27 13.02.22
After all they seem to show more affection than the other two real kids do… ha ha

Yeah I get a little depressed over it sometimes – like Nicky does when Jack comes to visit (Jack is my son and daughter-in-laws dog).
2013-07-21 16.49.30

Or I could use the photo I had done by a lady at Bass Pro – which hubby wasn’t too happy about:

Bob and Sandy  We don't look very happy do we? ha ha

Bob and Sandy
We don’t look very happy do we? ha ha

If you stop to think about the truth of it – Christmas isn’t about family photo’s it is the birth of Christ. That is what we need to remember – JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON
So I will forget the photo (unless I luck into one at Thanksgiving dinner while we are eating tacos).

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