Kansas City Zoo

Last weekend hubby, myself and our two dogs went to see our kids in Grandview, MO. Our daughter and grandson came by different car.

I think that is funny because my son always said anybody from Missouri was a hillbilly and now he lives there….

Our fur babies traveled well.2016-04-22 12.45.41

Looking at the photo you see Buster’s tooth sticking out – he had gum infections so lost almost all his teeth and this one just will not stay behind him upper lip. In fact, I took him to the vet today (Monday) and found out he has cataracts that have almost blinded him. He is eleven years old, poor baby.

While in KC we made a trip to the zoo. It is a beautiful park. The landscaping is beautiful. One thing I forgot about the difference between Missouri and Kansas – Missouri is all hills so the park was a LOT of climbing hills.

Dad and I pretty much stayed at the front part of the park and let the kids go where they wanted too. (There is a 27 year difference between my twins and my age. When they are my age they will understand.)

Bob got to see his favorites thing anyway. He LOVES Penguins, has since he was 6 years old and told the kids at school at he kept on in his ice box at home.

2016-04-23 14.11.37

These were being fed and are warm weather penguins.

2016-04-23 14.12.56

These are Imperial Penguins and they are from the Arctic.
The glass is foggy because they have ice being sent in like a snow Icee all the time.

2016-04-23 14.48.58

I am sure the sign was made for children but what is my husband but not a child when it comes to Penguins! See what I mean?

2016-04-23 15.24.01

Bob and his buddy.

I finally got him away from the Penguins and onto an Elephant:

2016-04-23 15.28.04

These were beautiful twirlers, there were several of them. I had to take a video of them and send to my neighbor she LOVES them.

2016-04-23 14.05.47.jpg


Since last CT

The last CT we had of mom showed nothing new. She is still losing weight and waiting….. that is all I can explain about it. Clinically her health is good, she just has a tumor in her abdomen that is sitting there. They THINK it is connected to her colon but can’t be sure without doing an operation. She doesn’t want a biopsy or surgery so she sits.

If you have ever had to go through this with your parents you know what I mean. You love them and you want to take care of them. Yet this was first diagnosed in Nov. 2015. It has been 5 months of really not knowing much.

I have to shop for her, I take her out to eat when she wants to go. She wants me to come over and sit and visit everyday. (If she had her way I would live there.) Please don’t get me wrong, I do love my mom but some days I could punch a hole in the wall.

Her mind is going some; she has a lot of confusion; repeating herself; not remembering things she said yesterday. Then she gets argumentative and yells at me because I can’t figure out what she is pointing to or trying to remember. She thinks people are stealing things out of her house or moving things around. She is the only one there.

Today was a tough day; really tough. I had to just leave. She was telling me today that I think she is dumb. I told her I didn’t think she was dumb. I ask when did I say you are dumb or made you feel that way? She couldn’t remember but she said she would let me know the next time.

I know I am not alone in this. In 2010 in Feb. I sat with my sister as she died; then in September I sat with my dad as he died. I have been through death. I have even lost a child and grandparents and uncles. Yet I have never been though this.

Thanks for listening to me get this out of my system. I am not perfect but with God’s help I am trying to take care of her.


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