New CT

As I wrote earlier I have decided my mom needs another CT to see what is going on. We had to suspend Hospice so she could go back on Medicare. I wrote her doctor a note and he got back to me with in one hour with an appointment for her. So I believe he too is wondering what the tumor is doing. It has been two months since we found it and not much has happened.

She goes in Monday for a blood workup and a CT w/o contrast and one with it. I don’t know if he will send us to an oncologist or if he will just get the details and let us know. She and I both would love to see the CT’s; we are a see it to believe it kind of family.

When we suspended Hospice they had to take her wheeled walker and her stool that fits in the bathtub for her to sit while showering. But Praise be to God; I called Helping Hands and they gave us a Nova Scooter for her and one of her friends had a bath stool. So she can still get around okay. She is rather weak and needs to hold on to something to walk.

We will be anxious to find out midweek what is going on.

My hubby has been busy – he fixed our sliding door so it moves more easily and fixed the lock on it. It had become very hard to get it closed so we could lock it. He also put new dead bolt and door knob on the front door and door knob on the door to the garage – all with matching keys. HEY…. Until now the only way in was through the garage door. The realtors did not have keys to our place since it was a foreclosure.

I will keep you posted.

Feb. 2016

Mom and I

My Mom and I

It has been awhile since I have blogged. My life has sort of changed; it comes to all families eventually.

I am caring for my 86 year old mom. We found out in November when she took a fall that she has intestinal cancer. It is growing into her colon on the right side. Upon her doctor’s suggestion we have put her on Hospice. She chose not to have any surgery or biopsies.

Had she chosen too she may not have made it out of surgery or she would have ended up in a retirement home on a respirator. She did not want that.

Unfortunately she has been slowed down since she broke her back in a fall in 2012. Because of this the doctor did not feel that she was physical enough to undergo the surgery needed.

I was at her house 24/7 for a while but she is now able to do most everything herself. She is not in pain; though she feels a little pain once in a while. I am glad that God is watching over her. No one wants to have someone there all the time. You feel you have lost your freedom.

Hospice gives her bath’s two times a week; the nurse comes in once a week and a social worker is there every two weeks. All making sure she is cared for.

I know the time will come when I will have to be there all the time again and I will be. My mom took care of me and I shall take care of her. She does have short term memory loss; but hey, I have some of that!

Five years ago I went through this with my dad and though I don’t look forward to seeing her suffer I will be there this time also.

They don’t classify stomach cancer like they do other cancers – Stages 1, 2 etc….. we just have to wait and see what will happen. That is concerning to Mom and I; we would like to see if the tumor is growing – if it is attaching to anything else. Hospice says they don’t worry about that. They make the patient comfortable until their time comes.

In the mean time we worry and wait.

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