Route 66 to California

A week ago B and I got back from California. We had gone out the prior week to see his family. He had lost his only sister in February and we needed to help go through his sisters, Moms and her parents things. His Nephew was overwhelmed with all the stuff that was there. We had NO idea how much stuff they had until we arrived.

As we drove along you could see parts of the old Route 66 along the highway. We went to OKC and cut across this time, usually we take US 54 all the way down through the corner of OK. We found it a much smoother and easier ride. Four lanes almost all the way baby!

If you look to the right, you will see a red car – he is on the old Route 66. I do not think I would want to travel it today, up and down and rough!

Route 66

We hadn’t made the trip for about 12 years so it was a long trip – we used to drive it straight through or stay overnight one night. We stayed overnight two nights on the way out but only one night coming home. I think we were on auto pilot and ready to get home.

Views along the way

The rock formations were beautiful. Looked like they were placed by God individually.

2014-05-21 07.29.45

The WIND FARMS were awesome they were every where!

2014-05-21 09.32.26

We seen several trains going one way or the other.

Once we arrived we got to see B’s family and for the first time meet their twins. Since I too have twins, a boy and girl; it was special to finally see these too. We hadn’t seen the oldest girl since she was a baby. We enjoyed going to a musical concert her school put on Friday night.  After going through letters we found her musical talent (she has played violin for 5 years) may have come from her dad’s father.

Murrell Family

Once we got into the garage we seen we had our work cut out for us. There were four steamer trunks; one dating back to 1850 which B’s great-grandfather brought over with them from England when they came to America. This photo was taken after they were empty and moved to another Niece’s home. They have a person who will fix them up and sell them, with the proceeds going to Cancer Research.

I would have loved to have brought one home but just didn’t have room. We rented a Rave 4 and had it full on the way back! The one on top is the one from 1850. They were all about that age but didn’t have any proof on the other three like we did on the top one. Following this photo are vintage family photos – with the explanation below them.


2014-05-24 16.55.08

2014-05-24 16.55.39

2014-05-24 16.56.34

Above are some photos we found. We think the girl is LuBelle Whitworth, next is her father J.R. Whitworth, and then LuBelle and Blaine on their wedding day. We have the suit that Blaine has on in this photo. LuBelle and Thomas Blaine Mitchell were married in 1917. We found LOTS of old vintage photos.

My husbands step-sister Iona came over and helped us identify people and we shared and talked for hours while working through the trunks and many huge plastic tubs of stuff.

2014-05-22 15.52.12

B was not looking forward to this trip. Going home after your  Grandparents, dad, mom, and now sister have passed does make it seem lonely. After the trip he was so glad he went.

On Sunday I’s girls (4) and their families had a cook out for us. We had a wonderful time catching up, meeting new mates and kids, the kids and some adults swam. After all it was California.


It was a long way home but we seen Cadillac Ranch and the Christ in stages to the cross.  We didn’t stop we just looked that way. We have seen them on the internet and that was good enough! ha

One place we did find of interest – we didn’t go in but thought I would show it to you – Route 66 Casino,

2014-05-27 08.32.10

Hope you enjoyed our trip – I spared you of a lot of photos! ha ha


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