Dinner for Two or not?

Doesn’t anyone make real food anymore? I am NOT a good cook, God in his infinite humor gave those genes to my mom and sister. I have never been able to just “put a meal together”. My poor husband; he doesn’t complain; he eats cereal or once in a while will say – be ready because I need to go out and get some REAL food tonight. I feel so bad, really I do.

Shoot I can eat half a sandwich and be full. He needs substance; meat, potatoes and green beans. I don’t care that much for red meat anymore, nor is it good for you. Plus the fact that it is so expensive anymore. Who can afford to make a T-bone on the grill? NOT me…

I was just looking at Tasty Kitchen for some ideas of something to make for supper. Hubby doesn’t care for cheese, or white sauce, the only veggies he cares for are green beans and corn. Sort of limits any kind of creativity. Give me some hummus and pita bread or pesto on pasta and I am fine. He isn’t that easy. It isn’t that he tries to be picky we all have foods that we don’t like to eat, so that is okay. I accept his food aversions.

I on the other hand feel that I am not doing my obligation as a good wife by not fixing him a healthy meal each night. He worked hard today, so he desires food. Right? I can only offer so many Stouffer’s meals from the freezer; which he will eat on occasion.

I have it! Today is Wednesday, free pie night at Village Inn – he LOVES pie. Problem solved for one more night.

What has been happening in my world

Easter has just passed; I do hope you believe that it goes on throughout the year. Because he rose from the grave for you he is here every moment of your life. Just waiting to hear from you. Please note it says: “so that everyone who BELIEVES in him will not perish but have ever lasting life”.


C.S. Lewis stated it in a different way:


My Grandson, Brenton, his girlfriend is Kaelin went to the 2014 Prom together. This was Brenton’s first Prom, so please don’t mind me if I get a little teary eyed. They both bowled together for Maize High and Kaelin is a senior this year. She is planning on going to WSU next year. Brenton will be a senior next year. Here is a photo of my grandson all grown up! (tears….) Notice he no longer has his braces? Yay! (tears starting….)


It just seems yesterday that he got his yellow, then orange belt in karate! (more tears….)


Or when he was in Cub Scouts in Edmond OK…… isn’t that about the cutest thing? (one more, about cried out for now)


Well, let’s see; I took mom to Missouri to see her sister about 3/9/2014. We had a nice time while there as always. On the way home I took a different way then I usually do and this happened:


Yep, found a round about that was new and I did stop at the yield (although I got a ticket for not doing so.) I hit the bed of a pickup truck that I seen but didn’t realize how fast he was going. Broke my heart, first wreck in my pretty car. But she looks almost as good as new now. They just didn’t spray the top of my door right. I have a diamond white special color on and the tiger striped it. We weren’t hurt so that was what was the most important thing.


I believe this may have been the cause of my accident. I was really depressed when I went to Missouri. I know it has been almost four years since I lost my dad and sister but there are times the emotion of it is more than I can handle. I was depressed the whole time I was in MO, I excused myself as being ill. I was having a little problem but it was mostly depression. Bob had seen I was getting worse but didn’t say anything. After I got home it didn’t get any better and on the same day we both decided I needed to go back to the doctor. He stated me on more pills but within a week I had the tremors so I had to stop that medication.

On March 31, 2014 we bought a power washer and Bob cleaned the deck – it turned out beautiful from the “black” that it was.


We let it dry for a few days then together we got it stained (the rails and tops) in one day. He is going to use something else on the floor of the deck as it is really bad. We found that out as we sanded the whole thing as it dried. (That was fun…) Yet the staining cramped my fingers near the end I didn’t know if I could curve them around the paint brush anymore – but we got it done.


This is just a part to show you the stain compared to the sanded part.

 On April 19, 2014 mom called and she had fallen, hurt her eye and didn’t know what to do. I went to her house then found out the rest of the story. She had fallen at Taco Shop where she had gone for dinner. A man and a nurse helped her; got her ice and the nurse continued to monitor her for a concussion. After I seen her I took a photo and sent it to her doctor and he said the same thing the nurse did; keep ice on it watch for headaches, dizziness or nausea. She never had any but really had a shiner to show for it. A bruise on her wrist and on one knee. She is going to be okay. I worry about her.


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