Orange Moon, Melting Snow and Being a Mom


How can anyone say there is not a God when he puts something so beautiful in the sky as he did last night. This photo was taken off my deck and shows the steeple of a church (through two houses and about two blocks away) on the left and a full moon with orange around it. The lines are power lines going through the moon. I don’t have the zoom on my camera that a lot of photographers have but I thought it done quite well.

Yesterday and today have been great in melting our snow. It is about gone accept for the piles that was shoveled up by trucks. The next week or two are going to be warm so that will help in getting the rest of it gone. Of course, living in Kansas we can’t promise no wind, it about blows you away. Below was our deck and looking at our yard on one side.



I can’t hardly wait for spring so that I can see this our my door instead:


My husband was doing a good deed and snow blowing the neighbor ladies driveway last Monday and hit some ice and fell. He is still not doing all that well. I took him to the doctor and he says it is muscle strain.


He can not get out of bed in the morning’s so last night he tried sleeping on the recliner downstairs. He about froze to death! I told him now he knows how I feel… lol  He didn’t get much sleep but didn’t have trouble getting up. It is going to take a while to heal. Especially if he gets on his exercise ball and falls on his bottom again trying to get off of it. He washed my car today – so let’s see how much pain he will be in tomorrow. Men, can’t tell them to sit down and heal. (He does our drive, two ladies in the neighborhood and my mom’s drive. Well, he only got two done this time.)


Any parent who has had teenagers and gone through all their “stuff” like cutting class, going off school grounds with a member of the opposite sex, low grades, getting cut from sports for low grades, being grounded, then REALLY being grounded knows what it is like to truly rise a child. A kid doesn’t know he is grounded until he suffers, right?

I never did this to my child and posted it on Facebook but he and his mom thought it was funny so they did. He really did tell his mom he was sorry but he is still in a lot of trouble for whatever he done. He was left home last night putting together a puzzle because he is grounded from his phone, his car and his computer and all matter of life as he knows it.


Well, then comes the joy of watching your child deal with it, with their teenager. You just shake your head and remember all the nights of worry, frustration, fear (because they ran away), or being called in the middle of the night and being told “Guess where I am? I am in a plane on my way to Atlanta, GA for a week.” Awww …. payback is so sweet…….

Kids need to remember:


Until next time…. enjoy the warm weather and pray for those that don’t have that luxury.

Prayer list, I have three friends with cancer, please remember them, thanks:

  • Katie
  • Billie
  • Karen

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