It’s not a HOME without FUR-KIDS


People either like animals or they don’t. We have always had dogs, I got my first when I was about 6 years old. She was a Springer Spaniel named Tippsy. My love affair with dogs and cats have always been there. We have two fur babies in our home – those of you that read me know about Buster my Yorkie and Nicky our Snozdoodletez . Sometimes I think she doesn’t have much upstairs; right now she is digging on the desk mat trying to get through it. She does it often. Someday she may learn that it does her no good, but I doubt it.


This is Nicky – she is like a huge Teddy Bear. She was laying by me on the sofa and I picked her up and held her to me with my arms around her. She just put her paws over my arms and thought “this is okay”! So I got my camera and took her photo. She is truly a mess.


This is Jack, Jack is my grand dog – here he was bored and trying to get his mom to play with him. We went over today and his “papa” took him out in the back yard and played his favorite game – ball. Jack LOVES to chase the ball. He is a Border Collie and was adopted from the shelter. He is the most gentle and sweetest dog in the world.


This is papa with Jack and Nicky. Nicky is very jealous of Jack. She doesn’t want him playing with her master. She pouts and gets depressed and hides. She doesn’t play well with Jack.


This was my attempt to get a photo of Buster and Nicky. If Buster sees me get the camera out he will look down. He does not want his photo taken. Seriously, I don’t know what his problem is. He will look sideways, down, up or turn around if he sees the camera come out. Makes it very hard to get a good photo of him. Buster doesn’t do much but sleep and eat, he loves to eat. He knows EXACTLY when it is 3:30; that is his dinner time. He also knows when it is time for treats. He lives for his food.

Well, that it for today – I just wanted to share my babies with you. Have a great weekend.

Fresh Poop.. and REALLY?

What? Why would I say something like that? Least of all blog about it.

My dear hubby took his dog Nicky out to check the mail and she was smelling something and would not come when he called her. She then laid her head down and rolled in something – yep – fresh poop some other dog had left in our yard. She will roll in and on anything be it bugs, bird poop, frogs or just a smell of cat pee in the yard.

Well this is what rolling in poop will get you:
Bath time

She wasn’t too happy about a bath. Once she got out though it is amazing what energy a bath can give a dog. They run and play and roll around on your clean carpet. Here she is wanting me to put her on the bed – awww – NO!
Let me on the bed

This whole time Buster is trying to be invisible; if he can’t see you then you can’t see him, right? After all, he didn’t roll in anything.
Buster trying to hide

Since I wouldn’t allow her to lay near me earlier, she was happy when I finally allowed her on the foot stool. She is laid on one ankle and had her head on my other ankle.
Comfy again

Customer Service Sucks – or lack there of

On December 13 I ordered and paid for a copy of Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12. As soon as the credit card cleared they sent me the download information. Awesome, my Christmas present and I could play with it early! (See you are so excited when you get something you want, then….it is like a kid getting something for Christmas and there are no batteries or bolts/screws included.)

I worked on and off the rest of the month of December until yesterday trying to get it downloaded onto my PC. It would download the “downloader” then when I clicked on the .exe file it would go for a while then give me a notice that a file was missing that was needed to download the application. REALLY?

I went to the Adobe website – looked through all the HELPS, I tried all the helps – they were useless and since I only had 30 days to get a refund I FINALLY found a number last night to call. The wait time was over an hour – so they gave me the option of having them call me back. I put in the information they wanted and waited. I sat with my phone right beside me with the copies of my purchase.

After an hour I looked at my phone – they had called and left a message FOUR TIMES. My iPhone had not rang. One thing I found is if you are on voicemail on an iPhone and it tells you to push a number you can’t get to the keypad without losing the call. REALLY?

My hubby was right beside me, I had him call me – it rang. I took his phone and dialed my whole number with the 1 – area code – phone number. It rang….. I could not believe it, REALLY?

I called them back and this time it was a two hour wait and did I want them to call me back. Sure thing! So I left my info again. They did call this morning and we got it taken care of with no problem.  Refund going back on credit card.

Now the REAL problem: When companies get so big they have a two hour wait to help people and you can’t find help on their websites it really gets my dander up, you know? I had even emailed them several times asking for a disk to be sent, they never replied. I could never get on one of their “live chats” as they were always too busy and hung up on me.

You go to their websites and they have so many products that you have to spend a LOT of time just to find your area you need. Then it doesn’t work. It is like why do I try? I may go to Sam’s Club and get it and put it on with a disk as I had ask for. I used to really love Photoshop Elements (which is a shorted version of Photoshop used for scrapbooking). However, since Adobe bought it, it has become nothing but a headache even to get into the program and work on it. I will have to chew on this awhile.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. The good news is I cleaned out my sock drawer this morning and only have the socks in there now that I really wear. How many of you can say that? ha

Have a great day.

January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

I retired January 3, 2013. What I have I been doing since I retired? I read 36 books last year. I love books – I can get so involved in a book; for a time I leave all else behind. The characters in the book become part of me, I get drawn into them. I envision the city, or cabin, or where ever the story is being told. I picture what the character looks like, is wearing and even her walk. Even as a child I always had a strong imagination and wrote a few short stories.  I am sometimes sad when I am done as the characters don’t leave my mind for a bit. As I said they became a part of me and I them.

It is time for me to go through my book shelves and sale or donate some of my books. There are some I have read several times but it is time for others to enjoy them. The local library is always glad to get them. My books look brand new, I believe that someone took the time to share the story and put it on paper then I should take care of it and protect it.


Buster and Nicky

My fur babies have been spoiled by my being home all the time. Buster; the Yorkie, has a built in alarm. He can tell you right on the dot when it is 3:30, as that is when they get fed. However, since being off he seems to think that every hour on the hour after dinner he should get a snack. He doesn’t of course but he sure tries to convince me to get him one. He weights 8.2 now.

Nicky on the other hand has grown into a chubby girl, she is about 27 pounds.  It took awhile but they have finally begin to lay in their beds when I am working on the computer. It was a trial at first they wanted me upstairs. She is still the lover of attention. She wants beside you and your hand on her.


I have started cleaning up my craft room; you couldn’t really tell it by looking at it right now. I have sold a lot of stuff and have more to sale. I am now doing the Becky Higgins “Project Life” scrapbooking. It is folders with cards to write on and you put your photos in. You don’t have to decorate a thing if you don’t want too! It does have pockets for treasures that you might want to keep. Comes in several core kits, protector sheets and album colors. I might actually get some done this year! Below is one of my pages of when we were in Estes Park a couple of years ago. We were going in this past fall then they had the floods.

Project Life photo page

Project Life photo page


If you are a praying person, I would like to ask you to remember two of my friends Billie and Karen in your prayers. They both have cancer. Karen had it once before but it has came back and she is not doing will with the meds. Billie just found out and I don’t think they have planned her treatment yet. They are both wonderful Christian ladies and it is so hard to believe that my friends are getting this dreadful disease. We don’t really think we are “that” old, you think of older people getting sick like this but we are in our 60’s. Thank you in advance for your prayers.


Before I go I want to share a photo with you. It is not me but I can sure see myself in this little girl. She is adorable and that is exactly how I feel in the morning – with my coffee cup in hand.

This could so have been me! And is every morning. I just love it.

This could so have been me! And is every morning. I just love it.

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