Retirement excitement

You know you are retired when this sort of thing makes your day! We were getting ready to go head to Park City to have dinner with my daughter in law.

I looked out the kitchen window; it might be wise to note here that our two back neighbors have chickens. (We have three yards that back to our fence.) One from the far yard had gotten up on top of the fence – she was beautiful – black and white, she was walking along the top of the fence toward the north.

I watched her for awhile hoping she wouldn’t go down into the pen below her. My neighbor told me if a chicken that doesn’t belong in a pen gets in the resident chickens attack that chicken. Did not know that.

The chicken kept going north when I noticed something in the tree on her property line – a cat was in the tree down close to the top of the fence. Oh, this was going to be interesting. I called in my hubby as he didn’t need to miss all the fun and action that was happening in our back yard.

After a bit the cat decided he wasn’t going to get a meal today and turned and walked along the top of the fence and left. Miss Pretty chicken turned and headed back to her own yard. I couldn’t let this pass by so I opened the back door and let Nicky out – she seen it and the race was on. Miss Pretty hurried a little faster and jumped back down into her yard. (No fighting with chickens today.)

As I turned to go I seen something else going on. Our pen behind us has netting on top of it to keep the chickens in. I seen a little head poking up through the mesh. I didn’t know if it was a chicken or what. I walked out and seen it was a Blue Jay. He was stuck and couldn’t get out.

Now I know Blue Jay’s are a problem to some people, but he is beautiful. I couldn’t just let him die there!

I have a pair of Blue Jay’s and a pair of Cardinal’s that come to my yard every year. What can I say – I love birds. (We had finches feeding off a bird feeder in our front yard until they just quit coming. We found a nest of Meadowlarks in our front side neighbors basketball hoop. So they were the one’s that chased off my finches. They are a mean bird, they will dive bomb you with their beak! But since they had a nest I let them stay.)

Back to my Blue Jay, I called to my hubby to get a ladder for me and I got the scissors. I waited and waited for hubby and went to look in the garage; the side door was open. By the time I made it to the back door he was almost to the fence. I took him the scissors and told him I was going to do it. He said, “No, you have never recovered from the last time you were on a ladder.” (True I will always have ringing in my ears from that fall that should have killed me, but that is a story for another time.)

He got up there and started cutting the net and that Blue Jay was mad, he was yelling at top notch! Once he got him free the little guy flew rather strangely behind the little white fence I have in front of my backyard shed. It looked like his neck was broken and he was sitting rather crooked.

I went in the house to see if I had anything to put him in because I didn’t want the cat to come back and get him. When I returned to the bird he yelled and flew (better this time) to the tree next to the fence. I hope he recovered and was okay. At least I done my part.

Exciting huh? lol

Family Christmas Cards

How is your family about getting a photo taken for Christmas cards? I am an avid photo taker and would love to have a nice family photo to put on our Christmas card. Nope – my family doesn’t agree.

I get the groans and faces whenever I even take my camera out. How am I suppose to do a Project Life or Scrapbook pages of my adult kids when they won’t allow me to take photos?

I took photo’s of their recent birthday and posted them in my blog – you would have thought I posted photo’s of them on the “throne”. (Though I did take some when they were three.) Even my Yorkie turns his head if he sees me get the camera out – that is the truth!

Family photo 10-6-12

Family photo 10-6-12

December 6, 2012 Last Family Photo
I guess at a wedding you are expected to have your photo taken. So we did, yet that was a year ago!

Family Photo 2006

Family Photo 2006

Keathley and Morris Family
I love this one as it is the last group photo we took before I lost dad in 2010.
We took a photo in 2006, may I add this is the serious one, the other they were acting goofy! lol
Although truthfully I like the goofy one as did all my co-workers.

I guess I could get all Patriotic and use this as our photo:

Last six Presidents

Last six Presidents

How ever there are a couple in there that I would remove. You think?

Of course we could always use the fur babies on our card:
2013-04-27 13.02.22
After all they seem to show more affection than the other two real kids do… ha ha

Yeah I get a little depressed over it sometimes – like Nicky does when Jack comes to visit (Jack is my son and daughter-in-laws dog).
2013-07-21 16.49.30

Or I could use the photo I had done by a lady at Bass Pro – which hubby wasn’t too happy about:

Bob and Sandy  We don't look very happy do we? ha ha

Bob and Sandy
We don’t look very happy do we? ha ha

If you stop to think about the truth of it – Christmas isn’t about family photo’s it is the birth of Christ. That is what we need to remember – JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON
So I will forget the photo (unless I luck into one at Thanksgiving dinner while we are eating tacos).

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