Fall or Winter?

Clouds – I love the clouds in this photo.

The days of fall seem to be slipping slowly into more winter temps. We were out-of-town last week and it snowed in Wichita. Not much, it pretty much melted as it hit the streets.

About three weeks ago I took my mom to the doctor because she didn’t feel well. She had a head cold and cough. Well, she kindly (sarcasm) shared it with me, it was awful; head stuffy, aches, really sore throat, feeling weak, fever, coughing continually etc. I loved it so much I shared it with my husband (again sarcasm). I don’t know how many times lately after a coughing attach he as told me he doesn’t like me very much right now. I don’t blame him. I think he is finally getting on top of it. At least he hasn’t told me he doesn’t like me the last few days.

We went to West Acres Bowling Alley this morning to watch my grandson bowl. He was off his game today, I told him I wasn’t coming anymore. He does a much better job when I am not there. (I don’t know if it has anything to do with my clapping and hooting for him when he does do good – do you think that would bother him? After all, I am his Geema and I should be able to be proud, right?)

bowling metals

These are his pins and patches so far.

After bowling we all went to Cracker Barrel in Park City and met up with my son and his wife, she was so kind yesterday to invite us out. We don’t see them very much with their working schedules. Had a really nice dinner. I got the trout and it was yummy. We all had a really nice visit. We used to get together every Sunday for dinner then as “life” got in the way we are lucky if we even see them once a month. As usual we all TEXT each other (what ever happened to calling mom once in a while?).

We are in the process of trying to make a decision that will affect a lot of things so please be in prayer about it for us.
It is something we really think we want to do but it will be a big adjustment. More to come on that later!

Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow. I won’t mention the M word……


45th West High School Reunion

Dad's mums

I received one small plant of these mums three years ago when my dad passed. Last year we separated them into 3 bushes. They will continue to fill out and bloom until it snows.

This morning I was reading a blog by Big Mama and I laughed so hard. She is so funny, I don’t even know the lady yet I wrote her back and told her I loved her. Anytime someone can write something to brighten your day it is good to let them know about it. Her writing is so casual and random. Sort of like me, however, I do tend to get deep sometimes. I have her link on my sideboard, go read her post. She also has a book I read named: Green Sparkling Earrings by Melanie Shankie.

This last weekend was my 45th West High School Reunion. I can’t believe it has been 45 years since I graduated. The year was 1968 – it then took me until 2005 to get my college diploma (doing it part time while working full time). I took enough hours to get a Master’s but ended up with only my two year degree. That is okay by me, all the other classes I took were what I wanted to take to help me forward my career. I already had my Certificate in Desktop Publishing, and my Certificate in Computer Science and Software so I just needed a general degree. My mom always teased me that I would be a professional student if someone would pay my way. Yep, she is right. I love to learn.

I even went back to WSU and took Journalism and Fiction writing. The VERY LAST class I took before I got my degree (with honors) was Public Speech. I just could not get up in front of people and talk. Still can’t, that sort of explains last weekend:

This reunion last weekend about put me under. I stressed and stressed about going to it. I have terrible panic attacks when I am faced with doing anything out of the ordinary.

I finally put on my BIG GIRL PANTIES and went to the opening night at Heroe’s in Old Town, I did not know very many people there but my husband went with me for support then I finally stressed out enough to leave, we walked over to the Brewery and ate supper.

I did go out to lunch at Nu-Way’s on Saturday. Anyone that lives or has lived in Wichita loves Nu-Way Sandwiches (loose meat).

Three Buds

Stella, Vernice and I hung out together for years. I wish I had seen more of the Eureka kids. I did see Connie Barnes and Wanda Johnson. Yet, there were so many others. I was lucky, I went to one elementary, Hamilton Jr. High and West High. Today kids are moved all over and don’t really get to get to know friends. Facebook has helped us all reconnect.

As we were leaving the café the Class of North High 1948 were coming in. How awesome is that? They said they could be our parents, which was true.

Then on Saturday night I did go for the first hour at Rolling Hills Country Club. Put a glass of wine in my hand and I can talk for an hour! ha

Eureka School Friends

All Eureka Students: Steve Ramsey, Vernice (Allen) Johnson, Dale Nulik, Stella Perkins, Terry Valentine and me.

They are going to have a 65th Birthday Bash in a couple of years so I may go to all of it. I did really enjoy seeing everyone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I will say I am so happy to have my leg all healed now, with no more splits or cast. I couldn’t believe how long that kept me down. Like nine weeks! However, it is already letting me know when the weather is changing so a little Arthur will visit later…. It sucks to get old.


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