Maybe the Lord is preparing me for a change

I guess this is a blog of babbling – strange thoughts at 12:22 AM.

I was really tired tonight – so by 10 pm I was in bed. It is now 12:22 AM and I am back up. I could not go to sleep. I tossed and turned, tried to go to sleep but sleep would not come.

Do you ever have those nights? Usually I can pray and eventually while praying I just drift off into a nice long sleep, but not tonight.

Jen and Brenton

           Jen and Brenton

We had a nice evening; Bob and I went to our daughter’s apartment and visited with her and our grandson. He had just returned from a trip to KC with his yearbook class for a convention. We called in pizza and just enjoyed a pleasant time of sharing. Since our grandson is with his father every other week we try to go over when we can.

Yet my mind would not shut down. I lay there thinking of all my scrapbook stuff I have. Isn’t that the stupidest reason for not going to sleep? Not stress or problems but thinking of how to collect, catalog, tag and sell all my scrapbook items. Then how to best do it, I would need a place to set it up and advertise it properly. I hadn’t really even considered this until tonight.

I have not used them in three years and don’t really feel that I will again. My kids have made it plain that they don’t want books. It is time to completely move on to digital scrapbooking. I have been scanning all my photos from 35mm into digital format. The process may take me years to finish! I have boxes and boxes of photos taken for 44 years.

My Mom and I

My Mom and I

When I look around my office I know that once it is all gone my office will seem empty. I do have a nice set up for all of it. Once it is downsized I could move it to a smaller space. My basement office would then make a great bedroom for Bob and I and she could have our upstairs bedroom.

My mom is 83 years old and I just feel that eventually we may need to have her move in with us. She says she will never do it; she doesn’t want to be a burden to us. Maybe this is on my mind since we just took our trip with her to her sister’s in Missouri. Maybe the Lord is preparing me for a change we may have to make.

We had tried to figure out how to build a mother-in-law suite onto our house but that is not economically feasible. Not without her selling her house first to pay for it. She can’t walk up and down our basement stairs so by us moving to the basement she wouldn’t have too.

The house we moved to 3.5 years ago has a concrete ramp on the front and is handicap accessible because the prior owners had handicapped children. The master bedroom even has a handicap shower in it which does not require one to step over a tub edge to get into it. Since her fall last July it scares her to step over her tub edge to get in to shower.

I am afraid she is going to get to the point she isn’t going to be able to drive, and that is one freedom that she is not going to give up without a fight. Right now she is doing pretty good driving; yet I don’t ride with her so I am not for sure. I don’t know when the DMV makes older persons start taking a driving test.

Becoming the one that will have to care for an elder is parent is not something that I thought would fall on me. Yet, since my older sister passed in Feb 2010 and my father in Sept 2010, mom and I are all that is left. I have had wonderful, caring Christian parents and would do anything for my mom that I can to make her days as pleasant as possible.

Well, thanks for listening to my early morning ramblings…

On the mighty Mississippi River

Barge on Mississippi river

Barge on Mississippi river

On Thursday April 25th my husband, mom and I started our trip to Cape Girardeau MO from Wichita KS. My Aunt and Uncle were going to renew their vows 50 years after the first time they married.

Having never driven to Cape Girardeau myself I used Google maps to find the best way to go. Sometimes the “straightest shot” is not the best. We decided on going up the KS turnpike to KC and then to St Louis and then down to Cape Girardeau. We were able to go around the bottom of both KC and St Louis, leaving Wichita at 8 am and arriving in Cape at 5 pm. On our return trip we reversed and it took the same time. Unfortunately we didn’t have sunshine but one day while there, by that time I was too tired to go out and take more photos.

If you read my prior post you seen that what we thought was to be a small renewal was a totally-full-blown wedding. It was very pretty. I have never seen so much food in my life. The night we arrived my Aunt had tacos prepared for all of us, we had pizza at the hotel the night of rehearsals, then they fed us at the reception, had pulled pork for dinner that night. After Sunday service they had fried chicken, the last night we ate salad with ham and cheese sandwiches. Bob and I went to Cracker Barrel and Ruby Tuesdays, just because we wanted too.

Aunt Pat, Uncle David, Aunt Billie, my mom, me and Bob

Aunt Pat, Uncle David, Aunt Billie, my mom, me and Bob

Luke is my Aunts 3 year old great-grandson – he was a pistol. I would love to have some of his energy! He is the cutest little thing. Loved the water in the fountain at the Auburn Palace where we stayed. Threw pennies in every time someone gave him any – he always said “thank you”. Raised in North Carolina he had manners that most 3 years olds don’t. When they ask if he wanted to swim one evening he promptly sat down and started removing his slacks – in the dinning room of the hotel. It was funny.

Luke’s little cousin Abigail, who just turned one year old, was just as precious. She walked on tippy toes with the help of grandpa or daddy. She is a total princess and has them wrapped around her little finger. Adam was the other great grandson and he was very cute but they only came in for the wedding so I didn’t have as much time to interact with him. He will be getting a new brother in about 3 months.

Adam, Aunt Pat, Luke, Uncle David holding Abigail

Adam, Aunt Pat, Luke, Uncle David holding Abigail

While site seeing we did see the new Casino which everyone is about excited about as if they had put a farm of rattle snakes in town… lol
It was so green and beautiful there. All the bushes and trees where in bloom. One tree had either white or pink flowers on them. I don’t know if they will grow here but I am going to find out.

Flowered tree

Flowered tree

Okay one more photo of the Bill Emerson bridge that goes from Missouri to Illinois and another of the river. Hope you enjoyed my trip, I sure did!

Bill Emerson bridge to Illinois

Bill Emerson bridge to Illinois

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

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